Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Spread Betting by ActivTrades

My favorite broker ActivTrades offers to its clients Spread Betting, which allows traders to speculate on the financial instruments  movement, by choosing the value (stake) of each point the price moves.
Traders can spread bet on Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, LSE Shares and Fixed Income from a minimum stake of 10 pence and up to £100 per point.
Traders can spread bet even with small capital.
Spread Betting is available on MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, on PC, tablet or mobile phone.
Profits from Spread Betting is tax-free for UK residents.

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Jamie Dimon: I'm open to cryptocurrencies... But regulated!

The bitcoin is everywhere in the news and in the media. Apparently this puts a serious strain on Jamie Dimon, who, apart from being terribly wrong in his forecast for the bitcoin (at least for now, claiming it is a balloon that will end up much worse than tulip mania) when it was 6000 dollars, said he would have fired each of his company, which traded with cryptocurrencies.
Goldman Sachs, which are expected to be one of the major market makers of the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, have benefited from this.
Dimon, said he was still skeptical about his bitcoin and its future, but he had definitely softened his tone.
Dimon's last comments are definitely far more different than before. About a month ago, he said that if you're stupid enough to buy it, you'll pay the price for it one day, when the price of the cryptocurrenciy was about $5,800.
Since then, the bitcoin has risen to more than $19,000, last trading at just over $15,000.
Although Dimon said in September that the bitcoin was a scam, he did not even deny that the cryptocurrency could safely rise to $100,000 before it reached its peak.

The Brent with the highest price since 2015

Brent has risen to its highest levels since 2015 today, after an unplanned closure to repair a North Sea pipeline. This has resulted in serious supply difficulties and has helped to raise the cost of raw material.
The Brent with delivery in the next month traded at $64.73 a barrel early this morning.
Raw material has begun to rise before the meeting of OPEC, which reached agreement to extend production constraints by the end of next year. The decision was also backed by Russia.
However, this time, unlike the previous one, OPEC's decision did not lead to a sharp depreciation of the price of "black gold."
More and more analysts are starting to talk about a price of 70 or even $80 a barrel next year. The good performance of the global economy and the possible depreciation of the dollar may be the factors that will predict similar high prices.
Brent peaked yesterday, at $64.93 a barrel, or its highest price since June 2015.
US crude oil was traded at $57.98 a barrel.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Credit Suisse: It's time to buy technology companies

News related to US tax reform has led to a serious downsizing of technology companies. And according to Jonathan Golub, an analyst at Credit Suisse, the time for purchases may have occurred.
Information becomes more and more about tax cuts, and investors now have more clarity. This led the US indices to new records, with investors shifting from technology to industrial and financial companies.
Last week we saw growth in consumer, financial and industrial companies and a decline in technology ones.
Technological companies generally outperformed the market this year, and will probably continue to do so next year, says Goleb.
Golub also pointed out that technology companies are traded at a slightly higher ratio than other companies. The cost-benefit ratio for technology companies is 19.8, while the S&P 500's is currently 18.2.

Gold with its biggest weekly decline since May

Gold prices stabilized on Friday, but recorded its biggest weekly decline since May, after better-than-expected US employment data. The data strengthened investors' expectations that we will see an increase in interest rates in December.
This, in turn, has led to an appreciation of the dollar, to which the price of gold is very sensitive.
Over the past week, gold has overcome the lower limit of the range that has been trading since July. This helps to increase the decrease of the metal.
The spot price of gold ended late last week with a minimum increase of 0.1% to 1 247.50 dollars per ounce. This was close to the lowest value of $1 243.71 per ounce, or its lowest level since July 26. The metal lost 2.5% of its value this week, which was the third consecutive price depreciation.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

What can happen if Trump is removed (2)?

An initial reaction in such a scenario would be the suspension of the so-called Trump Rally, which has taken the US indices to new historical records, according to Peter Kenny, chief strategist at the Global Markets Advisory Group. The expert commented that the investors really felt comfortable about what to expect from Trump as president.
Fundamentally, the US economy remains in good shape in an environment of low inflation and steady growth. Meanwhile, Trump's nomination for Jerome Powell's fed leader has won the admiration of market players.
It is possible, after the initial shock to the market, with a potential removal of Trump, that markets quickly find support, Kenny said. Pens, is likely to continue with Trump's planned tax policies, as well as the nominated Powell.
Or, according to a number of experts, such political uncertainty can be short-lived and quickly overcome. And if you follow Buffett's advice - to buy when everyone is afraid, a deeper adjustment of the indices, could provide good opportunities for investors to enter the market.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

What can happen if Trump is removed (1)?

Financial markets have experienced a difficult Friday last week. The leading US indices dropped momentarily after it became clear that Michael Flynn admitted he had lied in the testimony given to the FBI and could provide new evidence of inappropriate relations between President Trump and Russia.
What could happen?
The chances for President Trump to step down from his post are rising. This could be the worst scenario for investors because it would lead to serious political uncertainty at a time when stock prices rose seriously in anticipation of Trump's tax reform. The latter, however, is delayed and there are serious chances not to become a reality since the beginning of next year, as were the real expectations of investors.
There is a real opportunity for Washington to turn to its biggest crisis since the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s. At the same time, when Trump is removed, he is expected to be replaced by current Vice President Mike Pens, who would become premature the 46th US president.
And while this still seems like a fairly unlikely scenario, more and more investors are beginning to wonder, what would President Pens mean for the US stock markets?