Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Jerome Powell expects interest rates to rise further

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and President Donald Trump's nominee for Fed's head of office expects interest rates to continue rising from their current levels.
According to him, the FED's goal is to maintain a strong labor market and to move inflation to target levels. In this regard, FED expects the interest rates to rise further from their current values ​​and the size of the balance to gradually decrease.
Powell also said that the Fed's objectives would continue to maintain strong financial system, with financial and regulatory reforms being gradually made.
The key question facing Paul is most likely - how the Fed will continue to sustain and stimulate the third longest expansion in US history and how far the planned regulatory relief for the financial system will be stretched.
While Janet Yelan inherited a relatively weak state economy, still aware of the effects of the debt crisis, Powell will inherit a rather strong economy.
Powell also said that if he was appointed to the post, he would continue to support the growth and progress of the economy to full recovery.